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Taxi Car Accident Lawyer

It is imperative to treat taxi accidents seriously in the USA. The most straightforward approach to do so is to contact a taxi accident attorney instantly. To get a free private consultation with an experienced taxi accident lawyer, get in touch with us and make a call at 1-877-388-2808. When it comes to auto accidents, your ease is our priority. 

Auto Accident Lawyer

Accidents in vehicles may be alarming. Oftentimes, most of the persons involved are hurt and badly injured, sometimes really seriously. The taxi/car and auto involved get damaged too. In vehicle accident cases, in particular, things aren’t always as they seem. What seemed to be your fault, may have been the other driver’s blunder.

Injuries provoked in taxi accidents are sometimes not the responsibility of the individual or the taxi firm. It might be another driver who hits your vehicle, the manufacturer of a faulty seatbelt or the company that maintains the taxicab. In third-party litigation, you may still be able to hold the taxi driver/company substantially liable.

Whatever the scenario, an attorney in the United States can be hired if you are stuck in a taxi accident case. An accident attorney’s assistance is required to get out of the case. Your lawyer can prove that the accident wasn’t your fault.

Accident Attorneys

As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 30,000 people die in car accidents in the United States each year. Despite the addition of more safety measures to modern vehicles, the number of people killed in automobile accidents has not decreased, in part because the number of vehicle miles driven in the United States continues to climb. 

Greater vehicles on the road means more chances for car accidents, and despite significant advancements in public transportation, traffic congestion from motor vehicles remains an issue.

Why do taxi accidents Occur?

The Leading Causes of taxi accidents are 

  1. Speeding
  2. Careless Driving
  3. And tendency to weave aggressively through traffic

List of Car Accidents by States

When it comes to identifying the safest states in the United States, road safety is a big element. One of the primary causes of mortality prior to the impact of COVID-19 was fatal vehicle accidents. So far in 2020, a staggering number of people have died in tragic vehicle accidents. 

INSURIFY examines a variety of vehicle insurance cases from throughout the country. According to the national average for automobile accidents in the United States, around 12 percent of the total of car owners have been involved in an at-fault collision.

Car accidents are responsible for 11.4 percent of 100,000 deaths. High accident rates are often associated with densely populated metropolitan regions where numerous automobiles share a limited amount of road. 

Here is the list of cars accident by state in the United State:

  1. Massachusetts
  • 13.34 percent of drivers had been in an accident earlier
  • 7.31 percent of drivers have been in a no-fault crash before
  • Per 100 million vehicle miles travelled, 0.51 people are killed in traffic accidents
  1. Nebraska
  • Percentage of drivers who have been in an accident when they were at fault is 13.28 percentage
  • Percentage of drivers who have been in a no-fault collision before is 7.32 percentage point
  • 1.17 traffic fatalities per 100 million vehicle kilometres travelled
  1. Ohio
  • 13.28 percent of drivers had been in an accident before
  • Percentage of drivers who have been in a no-fault collision previously is 7.11 percentage point
  • 1.01 traffic fatalities per 100 million vehicle kilometres driven
  1. Maryland
  • 13.22% of drivers had been in an accident prior
  • Percentage of drivers who have been in a no-fault collision before is 8% of the population
  • Per 100 million car miles travelled, 0.87 people are killed in traffic accidents
  1. South Carolina
  • 13.11 percent of drivers had been in an accident heretofore
  • 7.08 percent of drivers have been in a no-fault collision before
  • 1.73 traffic fatalities per 100 million vehicle kilometres driven
  1. New Hampshire
  • 12.09 percent of drivers had been in an accident in the past.
  • 7.06 percent of drivers have been in a no-fault collision before.
  • Per 100 million vehicle miles travelled, 0.73 people are killed in traffic accidents.
  1. Maine
  • 12.05 percent of drivers had been in an accident as of today.
  • 8.34 percent of drivers have been in a no-fault collision before.
  • Per 100 million car miles travelled, 1.06 people are killed in traffic accidents.
  1. Georgia
  • 11.78 percent of drivers had been in an accident till now.
  • 5.71 percent of drivers have been in a no-fault collision before.
  • Per 100 million vehicle miles travelled, 1.12 people are killed in traffic accidents.
  1. Rhode Island
  • 11.35 percent of drivers had previously been involved in a collision in which they were at fault.
  • 6.68 percent of drivers had previously been involved in a no-fault incident.
  • 0.75 persons are killed in road accidents for every 100 million car miles travelled.
  1. Utah
  • 11.34 percent of drivers had a prior at-fault collision
  • 4.88 percent of drivers had a prior no-fault collision.
  • 0.75 traffic deaths per 100 million car kilometers driven

These are the top 10 states with the most auto accidents in the US. No matter if you need a taxi car accident lawyer near California or you need a taxi accident lawyer near Texas we are just a call away to assist you accordingly. Call us in the first place and feel relieved. 

What should I do after I’ve been in a taxi accident?

When you’re involved in a taxi accident, there are a few things you should do. Firstly, make sure that everyone is safe, follow the law, and begin the insurance claim process. Here are some more points to be considered:

  • Bring together as much information about a taxi accident as possible
  • Capture photographs of the taxi, street, injuries and your vehicle, if any, should be taken
  • Collect information and names of eyewitnesses, testimony could be a valuable asset in investigations
  • Immediately seek medical attention to diagnose and treat your injuries and  ensure all injuries are properly documented
  • Consult a taxi lawyer in the United State at the first place
  • Negotiating with any insurance providers involved in your claim

Accidents involving automobiles are a common source of injury. In 2019, there were roughly 6.6 million recorded car accidents. In 2020, over 42,000 road incidents resulted in fatalities, with another 4.8 million resulting in various injuries. They may cause a lot of harm. Car accidents are predicted to cost $871 billion a year, or around $900 per person in the United States.

Injury Lawyers

While taxi accident injuries differ from one individual to the next and from one accident to the next, some injuries are quite frequent. This article gives an overview of the most frequent automobile accident injuries. A doctor should always be consulted for more precise information on a given case.

Injuries to the neck, chest, head & back, arms, legs, hands and feet are the injuries that occur in taxi accidents. Accidents involving pedestrians can see leg and foot damages, in addition to all those mentioned above.

If you were a passenger or pedestrian in the taxi, the cab’s insurance company will reimburse your medical fees. The insurance company that insured the car in which you were a passenger or driver will pay your medical expenses first. Loss of earnings, medication costs, and transportation to medical providers are all covered under no-fault insurance. It also covers a range of normal household costs. If you are experiencing pain and suffering, you will need to file a lawsuit.

 Taxi Accident Lawyer

Serious vehicle accidents can occur at any moment, and they can be devastating to your physical and financial health. It’s critical, though, that you have the option of retaining a personal taxi lawyer to examine your case and determine how they may assist you in seeking compensation. It’s vital that you discover more about how they may assist you, particularly for the following four reasons:

  • Obtaining evidence with the assistance of other field specialists
  • Keeping track of all correspondence with the other driver’s insurance company
  • Medical records communication with your doctor and/or specialists
  • Working with your doctor to ensure that all of your injuries are correctly recorded
  • Providing facts and presenting a compelling case for the other driver’s negligence
  • Trying to reach an agreement with any insurance companies involved in your claim

Taxi Accident Attorney

This is dependent on the specific facts surrounding your taxi accident, your physical injuries, and any additional damages you may have sustained. Some situations include unambiguous guilt on the defendant’s part, but very little damages. Other cases entail serious physical injuries, such as brain and spine trauma, as well as a disagreement about who is to blame for the event.

We can estimate a range of values for your case once we have had a chance to study the circumstances of your case and the damages you have sustained. This is critical for a successful settlement. The fact that you will understand the genuine, complete worth of your case is one of the explanations why insurance companies do not want you to seek legal advice.

Taxi Accident Injuries

  • Health care costs
  • Lost wages
  • Physical suffering
  • Mental shock

Personal Injury Lawyer

It is not an exact science to calculate the value of a personal injury claim. Our lawyers are experts in determining which factors are most important. We can also help you negotiate to your advantage.

It is more difficult to quantify non-economic damages. These damages are meant to compensate you for your suffering and pain.

Even if the victim is partially responsible, victims of taxi accidents can still recover damages. The New York contributory negligence law allows injured parties to recover damages from any person who caused the accident, even if they were partially responsible. You can still recover damages even though you were only 99% responsible for the taxi accident. However, your share of responsibility will reduce your damages. 

You may be charged by the taxi company or its insurance if you are involved in an accident where a taxi crashes into your car. You may be accused of negligence by the taxi company and that you caused the accident. A team of experienced lawyers can help you prove that this is not the case. 

California is a state of pure comparative negligence. A party can still claim compensation even if it is partially at fault for an accident. If you were partially responsible for an accident, this does not mean you are ineligible to receive compensation. Consult an attorney.

Taxi Accident Claim

Any victim of a traffic incident has the right to submit a claim against the party that caused the accident. This is true for passengers in taxi cabs who have been harmed in an accident. You can submit a claim for compensation for your injuries:

If you are involved in a taxi accident, things might rapidly become difficult. The cab company, the maintenance business, or any other third party might hold you liable.

This implies that there will be more insurance companies involved, and you may expect them to dispute your personal injury claim.

Victims who have suffered the most serious injuries are more likely to get larger settlements. There are, however, a number of elements that might influence your settlement.

 Taxi Car Accident Lawyer

Completing a whole taxi accident case without the assistance of a lawyer might be unsafe. Only an experienced auto accident attorney can give legal advice and defend you in court if there is a legal problem. Consult with a trusted car attorney all across the US.

However, if you ever get into any type of vehicle accident, instantly contact us at 1-877-388-2808. Our taxi accident attorneys are available 24/7 and can assist you in understanding and resolving legislation when it comes to reviewing your case.


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